Monday, 1 August 2016

Repulsive by Joe Brofcak


By Joe Brofcak

Amelia describes her encounter with Brandt to her friend on the phone.

Oh my god, Jen, this guy - he is to die for! Tall, with dark hair. Blue eyes, almost clear. I noticed him because his skin seemed to shimmer. Yeah, I know, but it did. Swear to God.
It was at that club. The one in the village. Called Retinal Fetish. Like, two in the morning. Yeah, I know, my parents thought I was over at Rebecca's. My dad doesn't give a shit what I do anyways.
You wanna, like, hear the story, or not?
Okay, so, I noticed him as soon as I walked into the club. No problems with the fake ID. He was sitting at the bar, alone, and I thought he was just gorgeous. His pale skin, glowing under the blacklight is what did it. He looked like a vampire. Yeah, I know, crazy, right? You sound like my mom.
So, yeah, it took me like an hour, but I finally went up to him. Yeah, I was nervous, but I couldn't take my eyes off of him. And after what happened with Trevor… I just felt like I needed to... do something, you know?
So I went over - I tried really hard to be, like, super-casual, and I bought a drink at the bar right next to him. I could feel his eyes boring into me, but, I sipped my wine, and tried to play it cool. But inside, I was like, "Here I am! Talk to me!"
Finally he did. Jen, it was, like, one of those perfect romantic conversations that you only see in the movies. His name is Brandt; he's so smart, I could just listen to him forever. We couldn't take our eyes off each other, and I was staring at him, thinking, "I'm yours."
That's why when he said - and it sort of scared me - okay, it really freaked me out... He was like, "You're so beautiful I want to drink your blood." Kinky, right? I brushed away all the fear, fear of him, of closeness, fear of how things were happening so fast, I swallowed that all down and said, "Sure."
I'm seeing him tonight.

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