Sunday, 8 February 2015

LOVE by Patricia Cornelius

The moment I saw you, I reckon, that very second, that's when, I knew it then, I just knew it, I felt it, I knew the feeling straight away though I never felt it before, I knew it as if it was a second·skin, as if something had crawled up and bit me, like something had fallen off a building site and hit me, I knew, I loved you.
I saw the bitches smelling you, their eyes slits, tongues circling their lips, mouths filling with spit, and I growled at them, I really did, I growled, could've bared me teeth, probably did, because I was that sure that none of them were going to have you, you were all mine and I growled at them, to let them know, back off or I'll let rip. Their hackles rose and I had to square up to them a bit but they scampered off, tails between their legs, they did.
Fell for you then and there. You were wasted and looked like shit, in the clink for a six-month stint, your hair all lank, you had a split lip, you had amazing tits, you were like some bird, yeah a bird, with your wings tangled and I thought, Jesus Christ, you are for me and I'm for you, no doubt, no fucking doubt, I'm going to look after you, nobody but nobody is going to hurt you, not without having to contend with me first, nobody is going to lay a hand on you, never.
You must have felt it. You couldn't have not. It was hot. Wasn't it? I went up to you, knew I had to get to you fast before anyone else got to you but I couldn't run though I really wanted to but I couldn't run because you wouldn't have wanted me if I'd run, like someone desperate for you. I had to saunter up to you, sure like, and interested, but just so and I said to you . . . ‘you are the most beautiful woman in the world’.
And I had you.

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